Frequently Asked Questions


No.Kontakt Player is a no-cost sampler plugin designed exclusively for loading libraries labeled as “Powered by Kontakt.” However, please note that our products are compatible only with the full version of Kontakt.

Kontakt, the full retail/paid version by Native Instruments, offers broader compatibility. It can load all Kontakt libraries, including those that are incompatible with Kontakt Player. Moreover, it empowers users with the ability to make in-depth customizations, a feature not available in Kontakt Player. Our products are specifically designed for use with the full version of Kontakt.

If you encounter a “Content Missing” dialog when loading a DAW project or Kontakt Library instrument, it means Kontakt cannot locate its samples. This often happens when library files are moved or their file paths become invalid.

Batch resaving will correct the file paths for samples in all Kontakt instruments within a library.

Ensure you use an older version of Kontakt if you plan to open the library in that version later. Batch resaving with a newer version may make it incompatible with older Kontakt versions.

Only use batch resave on individual libraries; avoid batch resaving entire disks or directories of libraries.

Open Kontakt’s Main Control Panel, then go to the “File” drop-down menu and select “Batch re-save.”

Confirm any warning dialog that appears by clicking “Yes”.

Locate the library folder in your OS file explorer (Finder for macOS or Windows Explorer for Windows). Select the library, then click “Open”.

Kontakt will check the library, and if samples are missing, a “Samples Missing” dialog will appear. Click “Browse for folder”.

In the “Locate Folder” window, choose the library’s “Samples” folder and click “Open”.

Kontakt will proceed to batch resave the library, re-linking all the instruments to their respective sample content. After this process, your Kontakt library’s instruments should load without issue.

To begin the process of downloading your new instrument, please note that all downloads are managed through an application called Pulse. This download manager is designed for sample libraries and ensures fast and reliable downloads. Be sure to have your purchase license key, which you should have received via email after your purchase.

If you don’t already have Pulse installed, you can download it by following this link

    . Pulse is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and the download is free of charge.

    Once the Pulse installer is downloaded, run it to install the application on your computer.

    Open the Pulse application, where you will need to either register a new username and password or log in with your existing Pulse account details. Please note that this login is distinct from your Westwood Instruments account.

    After logging in, locate the “+ Add a Product” option in the Pulse application.

    Copy and paste your license key, which can be found in the purchase email you received, and then click “Redeem”.

    You’ll be prompted to choose where you want to save the instrument. Select a location on your computer with sufficient free space and click “Download”.

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