Started in 2023 by rockstar Serj Tankian, composer/sound designer Olajide Paris, and Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Triple A Audio is a Yerevan-based music software company. We may be a relatively new label, but there’s expertise here built from across the sound design and composer community. As audio professionals ourselves, we know what composers value, and for what sound the composers of tomorrow are looking.

  • The company’s story begins with Olajide’s own rambling man background, traveling one port to the next, when he stumbled into an opportunity in the Republic of Georgia at the old Soviet film studio. Just a young man back then, he was absolutely amazed when he first saw this place. Geared out with a half-dozen Neumann U 67s and a handful of UM57s, he set out on his sound design journey, first by sampling the 1960 Steinway D sitting in the corner of the sound stage.

    Moving forward, Olajide found himself working with an array of musicians throughout the Southern Caucasus and at last settled on Yerevan to found Triple A Audio, in cooperation with Serj and Gevorg.

    It’s a unique climate to start a music software company in. You see, it’s no longer just about offering remote recording services and creating virtual instruments. There’s a bigger story here. About how those services are vital to the development of the nearly non-existant music industry in Armenia. Unique to this part of the world, orchestral musicians and even big jazz bands are state-funded, essentially making them government employees. This structure brings its own set of challenges, not just the fact that they’re underpaid and often don’t even own their own instruments.

  • With all this in mind, we began so that we could make a change. Committed to engaging local musicians, spreading their story, and building their potential in a world of international music, we focus on crafting narratives of people and their instruments, and thus imbuing our products with a creative energy and vigor that will help customers bloom their own inspired muses.

    Our mission extends beyond Armenia and Georgia. There are talented musicians worldwide deserving of opportunities. We consider it our mission to seek them out and share them with the world, and providing them with a platform for their growth and even a successful career in music that doesn’t depend on the government’s dole. Our commitment to paying residuals, royalties, and offering market rates is paramount. Through our values of exploration, fairness, and community support, we aim to drive opportunity and celebrate the talent of exceptional artists in Armenia and beyond.

    We invite you to join us on our journey to explore the unknown. Stay tuned; we have some exciting things coming up. 🙂

Our Expert Team
Olajide Paris Founder, CEO

Olajide Paris is an American composer and producer. Over the last decade, he has been behind many of the industry’s top products by companies like 8Dio, Sonuscore, UVI, Sample Logic and Orchestral Tools. He has also worked on AAA game titles like Capcom’s Dead Rising 4 and Age of Empires 4.

Gevorg Mnatsakanian Founder, COO

Born into a musical family, Gevorg is advisor to the rector at Yerevan State Conservatory, the only institution of higher music learning in Armenia. Gevorg enjoys a vast network in the global music industry and has managed projects with budgets in the millions.

Serj Tankian Founder

An American-Armenian musician, activist, and entrepreneur, Serj is the frontman for the rock band System of a Down and is behind a multitude of other music-centered projects. He was behind the founding of Triple A in order to help musicians in Armenia be able to have good and fulfilling lives in their homeland and help showcase Armenian soloists and ensembles to composers and audiences around the world.

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